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Available Work Visas In Spain

In Spain there is a wide variety of residence permits that entitle the holder to work. It is important to receive tailor-made advice to find out which permit best suits your circumstances. We will help you choose the best option for you!

Employee Authorizations

These are the most popular residence and work permits for employees:

  • Standard Employee Visa: This authorisation is compatible with almost all jobs. It is important that minimum wages and minimum working hours are taken into account when drawing up the contract. An important concept here is the national employment situation.
  • Skilled Worker Visa: This permit requires demonstrating a high degree of professional competence. It is also necessary that the salary exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Digital Nomad Visa: The ideal visa for those who want to work from Spain for a foreign company. Pay attention to the requirements concerning the company and the professional competence. An interesting option for those who want to enjoy our country without giving up their work abroad.
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Freelancer Authorizations

These are the most popular residence and work permits for employees:

  • Standard Self-Employed Visa: Do you want to set up a project as a self-employed person in Spain? This is your permit. Draw up a business plan and prove that you have sufficient capital to start up your project and benefit from this classic residence and work permit.
  • Entrepreneur Visa: Unlike the previous authorisation, this one requires the business project to meet stricter requirements. It must be extraordinarily innovative and lucrative. A central element here is the ENISA questionnaire.
  • Digital Nomad Visa: It is possible to apply for this excellent visa also as a freelancer. In fact, in most cases it is easier! One of the most popular residence and work authorisations recently.

This Is How We Can Support You

We Make Sure The Documents Meet All Requirements

This is the essential step to ensure a successful application process. At Nodisea we have extensive experience on the formal and content requirements of the documents.

Step 1

We File The Application On Your Behalf

If you apply from Spain we can do the whole application process on your behalf without you having to lift a finger. Also, in many cases it has some additional benefits like more transparent criterias or longer duration for your residency permits.

Step 2

We Won't Stop Until You Have Your Residence Card (TIE)

The immigration process does not end until you have your Residence Card (TIE). Our services include support with the census registration process and the residence card application.

Step 3

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Fees For Work Visa Applications

Advanced Payment

From 350 to 800 € + VAT

Pay For Success

Want to reduce your risk?

Our Pay For Success Payment Method Explained

As an alternative to the traditional payment method, we offer our customers a payment method that provides them with more security and a more convenient payment structure. We have named this payment method “Pay For Success” and it offers the following advantages:

It is a split payment method

An advantage of this payment method is that the entire fee does not have to be paid in a single payment. It is an instalment payment method, which is preferred by many of our clients. Since the implementation of this payment method, it has gained great popularity due to the guarantee it provides to our clients.

Reduced risk by transferring much of it to Nodisea

The Pay for Success payment method has been designed so that our customers do not have to bear the full risk of the process. We want to share this burden with you and therefore only 40% of the fees will be paid upfront. In addition, the second instalment will only be due if we obtain a favourable resolution in the process.