What Services do we offer?

Choose the category that fits your plans

Employee Permit Service

Employee Permit

The “standard” permit for foreigners who want to work in Spain under an employee status.

Skilled Worker Permit Service

Skilled Worker Permit

The permit for those employees who can demonstrate a high level of professional competence.

Digital Nomad Visa Service

Digital Nomad Visa

Only those who work remotely for a foreign company are eligible for this residence authorization.

Freelancer Permit Service

Freelancer Permit

The “standard” permit for self-employed workers. The core element is a Business Plan.

Entrepreneur Visa Service

Entrepreneur Visa

For innovative and highly lucrative business projects. The ENISA questionnaire is important here.

Digital Nomad Visa Service

DNV – Freelancer

Only those who work remotely for a foreign company are eligible for this residence authorization.

Student Visa Service

Student Visa

This is your authorization if you want to come to Spain to study or do an internship.

Internship Residence Service

Internship residence

Spain is the right place to do your internship!

Job Search Permit Service

Job Search Permit

If you have finished your studies, you can apply for your residency!

EU-Family Card

As a family member of an EU citizen you are eligible for this excellent permit with a duration of 5 years.


This certificate must be requested by those EU citizens who want to reside long-term in Spain.

Non Lucrative Visa Service

Non-Lucrative Visa

This is your permit if you have financial means and are not going to work in Spain.

Job Search Permit Service

Job Seeker Visa

If you have completed your studies, you can apply for your residency.

Golden Visa Service

Golden Visa

An excellent option for non-EU citizens who want to make a significant investment in Spain.

Spanish Citizenship Service

Spanish Citizenship

There are several ways to obtain Spanish citizenship. It is advisable to make an individualized analysis.

Arraigo Familiar

Excellent authorization for non-EU family members of a Spanish citizen. Contact us!

Arraigo Social

If you have resided in Spain long enough and prove to be well integrated, this permit is yours.

Arraigo Formación

You have been residing in Spain for 2 years, you wish to receive training and regularize your situation?

Arraigo Laboral

A permit for those foreigners who have worked legally in Spain and want to regularize their status.

What “Settle in Spain” Services do we offer?

Choose the category that fits your plans

Foreigner Residence Card (TIE) - Immigration Lawyers Spain

Foreign Identification Card (TIE)

We help you to apply for your TIE residence card after obtaining a favorable resolution.

Foreigner's Identification Number (NIE) - Immigration Lawyer Spain

Foreign Identification Number (NIE)

The NIE is an essential tool to carry out many procedures in Spain. We can help you to obtain it.

EU Registration Certificate (CUE) - Immigration Lawyers Spain

EU Registration Certificate (CUE)

This certificate must be requested by those EU citizens who want to reside long-term in Spain.

Empadronamiento - Immigration Lawyers Spain


It is the census registration in Spain. This is an important requirement for many immigration processes.

Housing Report Immigration Lawyers Spain

Housing Report

If a non-EU citizen wants to regroup family members, a suitable housing report must be submitted.

Company Incorporation Immigration Lawyers Spain

Company incorporation

Are you planning to set up a company in Spain? We like that idea! We can help you.

Freelancer Permit Service

Autónomo Registration

Explore being self-employed in Spain, overcome bureaucratic obstacles with our help. Contact us.

How do we work for you?


As soon as the collaboration with our clients begins, we enable a folder in DRIVE so that they can upload their documents to it.


We will carefully study the documentation you upload to your folder and give you the appropriate feedback to obtain the best result.


Once the documentation is in order, the application will be processed. In many cases we can process it on your behalf.


Once we are notified of the corresponding resolution, we will also support you with the post-approval procedures.

What Makes us Unique?

The scope and quality of our services

Support in obtaining documentation

In many cases, the successful processing of a file requires the submission of a significant number of documents. We know that this can sometimes be confusing and complex for the client. That is why we are especially involved in this aspect. If it is a question of documents that we can obtain on your behalf – we will do it. If this is not possible, we will explain in detail how this can be done.

We work with sworn translators

We work with sworn translators who have proven their worth over the years. They work quickly, accurately and at an affordable price.

We pay the fees on your behalf

In our experience the payment of administrative fees can be complicated for clients. Don’t worry – we won’t leave you on your own. In almost all cases we can make the payment on your behalf.

We will reply in less than 24 hours

You should not be immersed in an immigration process without the assistance of a lawyer who can provide you with accurate answers without much delay. Therefore, our specialists are committed to answer you within 24 hours.

Post-approval assistance

We believe that legal assistance cannot end with the notification of the favorable resolution. There are certain steps that must be taken afterwards. We will not abandon you until everything is done.

The alternative payment method we offer

What is the "Pay for Success" method?

We firmly believe that clients should have at their disposal a guarantee mechanism that minimizes the inconveniences caused by a rejection resolution. At NODISEA we are confident in our knowledge and therefore offer our clients a form of fee payment that we call “Pay for Success”.

How does it work? At the beginning of the assignment, the client pays half of the fees corresponding to the procedure in question. The second half will only be paid if the client obtains the desired result – i.e. a favorable resolution.

Why should you be interested in it?

We do not want clients to have to bear the burden of a negative decision. Therefore, we understand that it is necessary to provide them with tools to reduce their risks. We want to avoid situations in which the client pays the entire fee only to receive a dismissal decision in return.


The “Pay for Success” payment method therefore has a dual purpose:

  • That our immigration lawyers in Spain work tirelessly to obtain the best results.
  • That our clients have a guarantee.
What are the terms and conditions?

The client will only pay half of the total fee at the beginning of the assignment. The second half will only be paid in the event of a favorable outcome for the client. As this is a deferred payment method, a surcharge of 30% is foreseen in comparison to the standard payment method. To illustrate how this payment method works in practice – an example:


A customer contracts the processing of an international teleworker authorization (Digital Nomad Permit). The cost of this procedure under the payment in advance method would be 500 € + VAT. However, under the “Pay for Success” payment method, the client would pay only 250 € + VAT at the beginning of the assignment. The second part of the fee (€400, since the total fee would be €650 as a result of the 30% surcharge) would be paid only if a favorable decision is obtained.

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