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What is the Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa?


The Spanish Non-Profit Visa offers an ideal option for non-EU foreigners who can live in Spain without relying on income from a professional activity. Typically associated with retirees, it is not limited to them. Anyone with sufficient passive income can qualify for this residence authorization.

You can extend this visa to family members, though the required financial means will be higher.

If you do not have a previous residence permit in Spain, you must submit the initial application in your country of residence through the competent Spanish Consulate.

After submitting the required documents, the Consulate has 3 months to issue a decision and will retain your passport during this time.

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This is the essential step to ensure a successful application process. At Nodisea we have extensive experience on the formal and content requirements of the documents.

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We Help You To File The Application

We help you to obtain the appointment which is required to submit the required documents. Also, we will be in touch with the Spanish Consulate to track your application.

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We Won't Stop Until You Have Your Residence Card (TIE)

The immigration process does not end until you have your Residence Card (TIE). Our services include support with the census registration process and the residence card application.

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Fees For Non-Lucrative Visa Applications

Advanced Payment

500 € + VAT

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Our Pay For Success Payment Method Explained

As an alternative to the traditional payment method, we offer our customers a payment method that provides them with more security and a more convenient payment structure. We have named this payment method “Pay For Success” and it offers the following advantages:

It is a split payment method

An advantage of this payment method is that the entire fee does not have to be paid in a single payment. It is an instalment payment method, which is preferred by many of our clients. Since the implementation of this payment method, it has gained great popularity due to the guarantee it provides to our clients.

Reduced risk by transferring much of it to Nodisea

The Pay for Success payment method has been designed so that our customers do not have to bear the full risk of the process. We want to share this burden with you and therefore only 40% of the fees will be paid upfront. In addition, the second instalment will only be due if we obtain a favourable resolution in the process.