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Yes, check out our “Pay for Success” payment method. Here, you only pay a fraction of the total at the beginning of the assignment. The second installment is due only in the event of a favorable decision.

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It depends. If the client applies from within Spain, this is possible. If you apply from a Spanish Consulate abroad, it is not. However, in the latter case we support our clients with all the preparation of the file.

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You will be in constant contact with your lawyer via e-mail or video call, according to your preference.

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Leave your credit card in your wallet. We will not ask you for any unnecessary information so you can schedule your free consultation in just one minute. It’s totally free. In the worst case you lose 15 minutes, but in the most likely case you will leave the consultation with a clear roadmap. Put us to the test!

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In our experience, the circumstances of our clients are so diverse that in many cases the information provided on the internet falls short. Therefore, we believe it is essential to seek the advice of a professional who is dedicated to this matter and who has had the opportunity to deal with many different situations.

3. You can send us a follow-up email with questions that arise after the consultation.

Although it is true that many doubts can be resolved during the free consultation with our immigration lawyer in Spain, in our experience clients usually have follow-up questions that occur to them after digesting the information they have received during the consultation. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to send us an email with these questions.

Our most requested Immigration Legal Services...

Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

The residence authorization par excellence for those people who work remotely for a non-Spanish company and can prove that they have sufficient professional competence and income derived from the activity they carry out.

It is important that the applicant has provided services for the foreign company for at least 3 months and that the company in question has operated for at least 1 year.

The period of residence under the Digital Nomad Visa counts towards Spanish nationality. Finally, it should be noted that if the Visa is requested from a Spanish Consulate abroad, a 1-year residence period will be granted, which must be modified once you arrive in Spain.

Digital Nomad Visa Spain: Complete Apllication Guide

Digital Nomad Visa Spain: Complete Application Guide

Let’s face it, applying for a Digital Nomad Visa Spain can be a bureaucratic nightmare in a language unfamiliar to many.

Completing the correct application form; locating necessary responsible declarations; knowing the formal requirements of the documents to submit; all can quickly become a stressful situation for those digital nomads who want to enjoy all the

Read More »

Student Visa

The student visa is the most logical option for those foreign citizens who want to take advantage of the excellent academic offer that Spain has to offer and enjoy during their stay the high quality of life that this country provides to its residents.

Among the requirements we can highlight to be enrolled in a course in an authorized educational center in Spain, to have economic means and to be covered by a medical insurance. In addition, if the stay is extended for more than 6 months, it is necessary to submit your criminal record certificate and a medical certificate attesting the absence of contagious diseases that may pose a risk to Spanish public health.

You can apply for this permit either in Spain as a tourist or at the territorially competent Consular Office.

Student Visa Spain: Complete Application Guide

Let’s be honest, securing a Spanish Student Visa can feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially if you’re not fluent in the language. The process involves filling out complex forms, collecting various declarations, and meeting strict document requirements, which can quickly become a source of stress for students eager to start their studies in Spain.

But don’t

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Other Immigration Legal Services that we offer

Golden Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa grants investors residency, allowing them to live in Spain, travel across Europe, and enjoy a swift, privileged residence permit process.

Skilled Worker Visa

The Spanish Skilled Worker Visa offers residency to qualified professionals, enabling them to live in Spain, work legally, and benefit from a streamlined application process.

Non-Lucrative Visa

The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa is designed for retirees and non-working individuals, allowing them to live in Spain and enjoy visa-free travel across the Schengen Area.

Arraigo Permits

The arraigo permits in Spain allow undocumented immigrants to obtain legal residency through social, labor, or family ties. Also check the recently implemented arraigo familiar.

Spanish Citizenship

Spanish citizenship can be obtained through residence, ancestry and other routes, granting rights including EU citizenship and voting privileges.

And more...

We provide any service related to the immigration field in Spain. Check also our Settle in Spain services, such as obtaining a NIE, company incorporation, etc.

This is what our customers say about us...

Ashley CoppAshley Copp
21:37 06 Jun 24
Working with Francisco is hands down the best decision I’ve made since coming to Spain. He’s taken one of the most complicated visa situations I’ve ever experienced and made every step clear and actionable. He’s incredibly responsive to messages, always very clear in his awnser and provides honest and clear guidance. Every blog I read or other lawyer I spoke to got confusing and often contradictory awnsers, but speaking to Francisco was a breath of fresh air. From day 1 I knew what my options were and what I needed to do to pursue each path. If you’re looking for help with your Spanish visa - student, digital nomad or otherwise this is who you need to work with. 5 out of 5.
Tj DavisTj Davis
20:39 05 Jun 24
This Lawyer group was extremely helpful in getting me my visa for Spain. Francisco and Dahianna are my dream team right now. I will continue to work with them for future immigration needs I was so impressed. They really know their stuff 🙂
Chris BerlinerChris Berliner
17:23 04 Jun 24
We have had the great pleasure of working with Francisco at Nodisea for the last month. He has been very helpful and responsive to all our questions through the process of obtaining our Spanish citizenship and passports. We are all so grateful, my sons and I, to have Francisco's knowledge and guidance and would not hesitate to recommend him (and Nodisea) for others seeking the same journey.
Becky SmithBecky Smith
11:19 18 Apr 24
I couldn't recommend Nodisea enough! My experience renewing my Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) with Francisco and Dahianna has been nothing but positive. Today, I have received a favourable resolution for a 2-year DNV renewal which I, and multiple other lawyers I contacted, never thought would be possible in my situation! In this process, there have been no additional or hidden costs from Nodisea which I am very grateful for. Francisco has always replied to my emails within a matter of hours and has never made me feel like a burden with any questions I've had. He explained the process clearly from the outset, and I couldn't be more grateful for his patience and proactiveness. Thank you thank you thank you!
Gala LadišićGala Ladišić
18:29 16 Apr 24
We stumbled upon Francisco (Nodiesa) after being rejected for our first application attempt for the remote workers' residency in Spain. And I have to say that we were very fortunate to make contact with him as he would later become our main and only advisor throughout our second application (which ended up being successful!).We have only positive words about our experience. From the start, Francisco was professional but also friendly. He was always eager to assist and ready to dig for answers and provide clear, insightful guidance, showing a genuine concern for our progress and investing his time to help us navigate the complexities of the process.Navigating the Spanish bureaucracy is very tough and patience-testing, especially for a foreigner, and each interaction with Francisco was both informative and reassuring, especially during challenging moments, which made the process immensely easier.Even after we have successfully secured our residencies, we are grateful to have learned about Nodisea and look forward to maintaining our relationship with them and using their services during our residency, as they have proven to be a reliable and trustworthy source of support.P.S. All the communication was in perfect English. 🙂
Hamza HatiHamza Hati
20:44 20 Mar 24
A great team will solve any questions or procedures quickly, keep up the good work.
Med Moha12Med Moha12
20:26 20 Mar 24
Great team, good luck guys
Brett ArthurBrett Arthur
14:49 08 Mar 24
I recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Nodisea. As someone who is not fluent in Spanish, navigating the Spanish bureaucracy is a daunting task. However, the team at Nodisea, especially Dahianna, went above and beyond to take care of every aspect of the application. I really appreciated her thoroughness, professionalism and dedication to helping me through the process. She turned what could have been a stressful experience into an easy and straightforward one. I cannot recommend her services enough to anyone in need of legal assistance in Spain. A truly 5-star experience!
21:57 14 Feb 24
I highly recommend the team at Nodisea, specially my lawyer Francisco. He has been a great help to me during the process of getting my Digital Nomad Visa. He answered all my questions, was very patient, explained things well, and was very collaborative.
ali alsaraafali alsaraaf
17:59 18 Jan 24
Highly recommended!A great law firm and even better lawyers!Don't hesitate to contact them
Ossama YoussefOssama Youssef
11:44 12 Oct 23
I turned to them to apply for arraigo social and everything went well.
Youssef ChibouYoussef Chibou
19:49 07 Oct 23
I have contracted two services with Nodisea and both times I have had a very good experience. First to rectify that my TIE erroneously stated that I could not work in Spain and later for a renewal of my residence permit. On both occasions they have been efficient and informed me of everything.👍

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