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The so-called “empadronamiento” is the registration in the census. Every person living in Spain is obliged to register in the municipality where he/she resides. This procedure, despite it may not seem so at first glance, is very relevant in the immigration processes and therefore it is extremely important to properly explain what it consists of and how to apply for it.

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50 € + VAT

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Hicham ChaouiHicham Chaoui
12:29 21 Dec 23
Good job, they help you until the end
Adam AmirAdam Amir
17:43 16 Nov 23
Hard work, valuable advice and punctuality, greetings.
Ache 19Ache 19
10:57 16 Nov 23
Emerson SantosEmerson Santos
10:53 16 Nov 23
Isare LanjriIsare Lanjri
10:36 16 Nov 23
Excellent service. Marouane has been very cordial Good luck 🙏🏻
Chris Bruno Jr.Chris Bruno Jr.
10:18 16 Nov 23
Excellent team!!!!....3 complex cases....they come like dominoes!!!when I have the 4th case and future legal knots to is obvious who I am going to hire!!!! Thanks Team!!!!
Excellent service. Marouane has been very cordial.
Andres Sanjuan DiazAndres Sanjuan Diaz
11:43 23 Oct 23
Thanks to the professionalism and experience of this group of lawyers, a very important person for me obtained his residence permit in a very efficient way with the opportunity to have training here in Spain and not only that but also obtain the possibility of work legally in this country, many thanks to this group of lawyers, especially Fran 😉, an excellent person who has done everything possible to help immigrants and who continues to do
Ingrid CaballeroIngrid Caballero
10:24 23 Oct 23
Excellent service, I have obtained my documentation with them and everything has been excellent, they provide good service and are always very attentive to what is happening in the process 👏
Magnolia Perez roperoMagnolia Perez ropero
11:30 15 Oct 23
Very helpful and attentive
María Teresa RuizMaría Teresa Ruiz
09:32 13 Oct 23
Any document that you need to fix, as well as immigration documentation, without hesitation, contact this company, they are 100% recommended and very professional.
Ossama YoussefOssama Youssef
11:44 12 Oct 23
I turned to them to apply for arraigo social and everything went well.
Fadil RachidFadil Rachid
18:02 11 Oct 23
The experience with Nodisea is excellent, they are fast and effective thanks to Messrs. Marouane and Francisco, keep up the good work
karol Ramoskarol Ramos
17:44 10 Oct 23
Great professionals, the best in Loja 👏🏻
Irene Vega RiveroIrene Vega Rivero
17:07 10 Oct 23
Aline RamosAline Ramos
16:07 10 Oct 23
Very good work!!
angel cuencaangel cuenca
12:46 10 Oct 23
Very happy, excellent work
Andres Morales OrtizAndres Morales Ortiz
16:47 09 Oct 23
Very good place for any immigration procedure and very good personal treatment
aziz chouaziz chou
20:11 07 Oct 23
Marwan was a great help to me when renewing my residence permit. He patiently reviewed my documents and then submitted my application
Many thanks to Marouane from Nodisea de Abogados for the great work on my documentation, in addition to the good treatment, always professional with that joy with all his clients, a thousand thanks and I wish you the best.
Youssef ChibouYoussef Chibou
19:49 07 Oct 23
I have contracted two services with Nodisea and both times I have had a very good experience. First to rectify that my TIE erroneously stated that I could not work in Spain and later for a renewal of my residence permit. On both occasions they have been efficient and informed me of everything.👍
Yunes Aoulad saidYunes Aoulad said
19:44 07 Oct 23
They have processed my son's residency and nationality. Thanks to the lawyer and Mr. Marouane for their help.
My experience with the Law Firm of Dr. Carmona is excellent, friendly treatment, courteous and very good professionals, I recommend their professional services.
Gonzalo HerediaGonzalo Heredia
17:27 09 Jun 22

Learn more about our alternative payment method

What is the "Pay for Success" method?

We firmly believe that clients should have at their disposal a guarantee mechanism that minimizes the inconveniences caused by a rejection resolution. At Nodisea we are confident in our knowledge and therefore offer our clients a form of fee payment that we call “Pay for Success”.


How does it work? At the beginning of the assignment, the client pays half of the fees corresponding to the procedure in question. The second half will only be paid if the client obtains the desired result – i.e. a favorable resolution.

Why should you be interested in it?

We do not want clients to have to bear the burden of a negative decision. Therefore, we understand that it is necessary to provide them with tools to reduce their risks. We want to avoid situations in which the client pays the entire fee only to receive a dismissal decision in return.


The “Pay for Success” payment method therefore has a dual purpose:

  • That our immigration lawyers in Spain work tirelessly to obtain the best results.
  • That our clients have a guarantee.
What are the terms and conditions?

The client will only pay half of the total fee at the beginning of the assignment. The second half will only be paid in the event of a favorable outcome for the client. As this is a deferred payment method, a surcharge of 30% is foreseen in comparison to the standard payment method. To illustrate how this payment method works in practice – an example:


A customer contracts the processing of an international teleworker authorization (Digital Nomad Permit). The cost of this procedure under the payment in advance method would be 500 € + VAT. However, under the “Pay for Success” payment method, the client would pay only 250 € + VAT at the beginning of the assignment. The second part of the fee (€400, since the total fee would be €650 as a result of the 30% surcharge) would be paid only if a favorable decision is obtained.

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