Digital Nomad Visa: What documents do I need from the non-Spanish company?

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As you know, one of the keys to applying for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is to demonstrate that there is a professional relationship with a non-Spanish company. In this relationship we must provide a certain service in exchange for receiving economic compensation that must meet the established financial thresholds. In this blog, we will explain what documentation related to the foreign company you need to prepare for your application.

One of the residence permits that we have been requesting the most lately at Nodisea is precisely the Digital Nomad Visa. To date, we have had great success with this permit because we are familiar with its peculiarities. If you have any doubts about this interesting residence permit, do not hesitate to schedule an online consultation with us or explore the other blogs we have on this topic.

Documentation related to the foreign company that you must prepare


For a successful application for the Visa for Digital Nomads, you must ensure to prepare the following documents related to the foreign company:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation/Good Standing of the company: The purpose of this document is to certify that the company has been operating for at least 1 year. In most countries, this document can be obtained relatively easily through the Commercial Registry website. This document must be legalized or apostilled and translated by a sworn translator if it is not issued in the Spanish language.
  2. Contract that governs the professional relationship: This contract must contain certain clauses so that the competent Spanish authority can understand the conditions to which both parties have agreed. At Nodisea, we provide our clients with a template contract to facilitate the obtaining of this document. If it is not drafted in Spanish, it will require a sworn translation.
  3. Invoices and Bank Statements from the previous 3 months: The applicant must also provide the invoices issued in the last 3 months and the bank statements reflecting the receipt of the invoiced money.

Authorization letter signed by the non-Spanish company: Finally, it is necessary to provide a letter signed by the company detailing in a very concise manner the most important conditions governing the professional relationship. The content is quite similar to that of the contract, but this document is only signed by the corresponding representative of the company.


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We hope that with this, your doubts regarding the documents related to the foreign company that you must prepare for a successful application for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa have been clarified. However, since it is almost impossible to address all the issues that may arise in relation to this topic in a single blog post, we are at your disposal for any clarification you may need. 

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