How do Schengen tourist days work?

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The Schengen Agreement, created in 1985, facilitates the free movement of people within 27 European countries (2024). This implies that tourists can travel without the need for border controls once inside the Schengen area, greatly simplifying travel.

At Nodisea, with our extensive experience in Immigration Law, we have assisted numerous inquiries related to the calculation of tourist days in the Schengen area. For those wishing to travel through Europe, it is essential to understand the system that governs tourist stays in this area, as it has its particularities and rules that are important to grasp.

Calculation of Tourist Days

Calculating tourist days in the Schengen area is essential to avoid legal problems. Visitors from non-European Union (EU) countries can stay for up to 90 days within a 180-day period in the Schengen area. 

It is important to keep a record of the days spent in each visited country to not exceed this limit. Careful travel planning is crucial to comply with stay regulations. Additionally, it is essential to note that certain countries, such as Norway and Iceland, although not part of the EU, are part of the Schengen area and apply the same stay rules.

Practical Example

Let’s imagine that an American citizen decides to visit Spain for a period of 90 days and uses all his tourist days within a 180-day period. He arrives in Spain on January 1st and stays until March 31st, thus utilizing the allowed 90 days. 

Assuming the American citizen leaves Spain on March 31st, he could re-enter the Schengen area on June 29th and would have a new 90-day period to stay without exceeding the established limit.


At Nodisea, we are committed to helping our clients understand these complex regulations and avoiding any problems related to stay time in the Schengen area. Our Immigration Law experts can provide personalized advice to ensure that your travels are smooth and trouble-free. 

If you have plans to travel to Europe and want to ensure compliance with stay regulations in the Schengen area, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us at Nodisea. We are here to help you navigate the complex world of Immigration Law and make your travels a positive experience.


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