I am a director of a non-Spanish company: Can I apply for the Digital Nomad Visa?

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In today’s blog we want to address another question that very often arises in online consultations with our clients: is it possible for a director of a foreign company to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa? Due to the importance of this question we have decided to answer it in today’s blog.

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The two ways to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for directors of foreign companies

Indeed, foreign company directors have two ways to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa. The suitability of one or the other option will depend on the individual circumstances of each applicant. Briefly, these are as follows:

  1. In the event that the digital nomad’s company has entered into commercial contracts with other non-Spanish companies, it is possible for the interested party to use these contracts to apply for the residence permit in question. Note that we have underlined the word company, because the contractual relationship must necessarily be formalized between the digital nomad’s company and another legal person and not a natural person. In this case, it is important to prove that the digital nomad is indeed the owner of the company. 
  2. In case the non-Spanish company of the digital nomad has not entered into any commercial contract with another foreign company, there is still an alternative way: the person concerned may enter into a contract with his own company (i.e. the applicant as a natural person, with his company – legal person). In this case there must be money transfers from the company in favor of the digital nomad.

What documents regarding the relationship with the non-Spanish company are required?

Notwithstanding the other documents required to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa, the following documents must be submitted in relation to the non-Spanish company:

  • Commercial contract with the non-Spanish company.
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Good Standing of the referred company.
  • Letter of Authorization of the company.
  • Documents that accredit a professional relationship of at least 3 months before formalizing the application. 


Therefore, as you can see, it is not only possible to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa if you are directors of foreign companies, but there is even some flexibility when it comes to designing an appropriate strategy. 

We recommend you to contact specialists in the field so that they can assess your circumstances and set the best possible roadmap for your specific case. At Nodisea we have worked with a large number of Digital Nomads and therefore have extensive experience in this type of cases.


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