Spanish Social Security: Implications Explored

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Congratulations! You have obtained the desired Spanish residence and work authorization and now you must register with the Spanish Social Security. You probably want to know what the implications of this procedure are – what benefits are included in the registration with Social Security? What is the monthly cost? How can you register?

In this post we want to shed light on all these questions, as they are issues that are often raised in consultations with our clients. If you want to learn more about the implications of registering with the Spanish Social Security, this is your blog!

What benefits are included in Spanish Social Security registration?

The protective action promoted by the Spanish Social Security is of considerable magnitude. Its main purpose is to foresee, repair or overcome certain situations of misfortune or specific states of need, which usually cause a loss of income or an excess of expenses for the people who suffer them.

By way of example, coverage is included for the following circumstances: health care; temporary and permanent disability; risk during pregnancy; childbirth and child care; care of minors affected by serious illness; retirement; etc.

What is the cost for a person who is registered as an employee?

The cost of social security contributions is associated with the employee’s salary, i.e. the more you earn – the more you pay. One part is due by the employee – the worker’s contribution – and the other by the employer – the employer’s contribution. In order to determine the amounts due, it is necessary to know the employee’s gross salary, his or her contribution bases and the rate applied to each of the bases. 


As a guideline, it can be expected that the company must pay an approximate amount of 32% (note that this amount may vary slightly) of the employee’s salary as social security contributions, while a percentage of almost 7% will be paid by the employee. 

And what amount will a self-employed worker have to pay?

Since the reform of the year 2023, the contribution to be paid is established by means of a system of brackets depending on the actual income of the self-employed worker. It should be noted that these brackets will be updated until 2025. At the date of writing this post, the minimum contributions vary between 225 € for those self-employed with incomes less than or equal to 670 € and 530 € for those with earnings exceeding 6000 €. 

However, it is worth noting the existence of a subsidized contribution for new self-employed workers of 80 €, which under certain circumstances can be applied for up to 24 months.

How to register with the Spanish Social Security?

The affiliation to Social Security can be done in person or telematically. In case of opting for the second way, it is necessary to have a Digital Certificate. 

We hope this post has shed some light on Social Security affiliation. At Nodisea we remain at your disposal for any other questions you may have regarding this subject.


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