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Are you a relative of a citizen of a member state of the European Union residing in Spain and would like to live with him/her? In this case you may be interested in the European Union Citizen Family Card, also known as the EU Family Card. This residence authorization is extraordinarily interesting due to its duration and its effects.

It’s a well known fact that, both, citizens of European Union member countries and their family members enjoy certain privileges when emigrating to another country that is part of this supra-international organization. What are these benefits they can avail themselves of? Can any family member be eligible for the EU Family Card? Learn more in this blog!

What are the effects of the EU Family Card?

Here it is worth mentioning at least 2 characteristics of this residence permit. First, its duration: as a general rule, it has a duration of 5 years, which is remarkable when compared to most other temporary permits provided for in the Spanish legal system. It is also interesting to mention that it can potentially be renewed for 10 years. 

On the other hand, it is also necessary to highlight the implications of the EU Family Card in regards the employment situation of its holder. It enables the holder to work both as an employee and as a self-employed person (with some exceptions), allowing the family member of a European Union citizen to develop freely at a professional level. 

Which family members have access to this residence authorization?

At this point you may be wondering if any family member can apply for the EU Family Card. It is not our intention to disappoint anyone, but unfortunately the answer is negative. The family members to whom this permit can be extended are the following: spouse, registered domestic partner, direct descendants and ascendants, as well as those of the spouse or domestic partner. It should also be noted that there is the Community Family Card for extended family, although we will discuss this in another post.


By way of conclusion we can say that the EU Family Card is an extraordinary authorization for those people who have access to it. Its effects are almost unmatched (perhaps only by the Arraigo Familiar and long term permits). If you need help to access this excellent residence authorization, do not hesitate to contact our specialists at Nodisea!


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