New Update: Filing Immigration Appeals Through the Mercurio Platform

New Update: Mercurio Platform

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In the realm of administrative management and immigration procedures, staying updated with the latest tools and platforms is essential to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Until March 12, 2024, the process of filing appeals in matters of immigration was predominantly conducted through the Electronic Registry known as RedSara. However, there has been a significant change aimed at streamlining and centralizing administrative procedures.

Changes in Filing Immigration Appeals

From the aforementioned date, there has been a significant innovation in how administrative appeals related to immigration are managed. Now, these appeals can be filed directly through the Mercurio platform, a change that promises to expedite procedures and enhance user experience.

1. How to File Appeals Through the Mercurio Platform?

The Mercurio platform has been updated to include a new option that allows users to file immigration-related appeals without the need to turn to alternative electronic registries. Below, we detail the steps and options available:

2. Available Types of Appeals:

  • Appeal for Reconsideration (Recurso de Alzada): Used to challenge decisions before the same body that issued them.
  • Administrative Appeal (Recurso de Reposición): Aimed at challenging administrative acts before the same body that issued them, before resorting to judicial instances.
  • Extraordinary Review Appeal (Recurso Extraordinario de Revisión): For specific cases where new facts or rights relevant to the decision are discovered after the decision.

The integration of the functionality to file appeals in the Mercurio platform represents a significant advancement in managing immigration procedures. This update not only simplifies processes but also centralizes management in a single platform, contributing to a more agile and less cumbersome experience for users.


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