Transitioning from Non-Profit Residency to Work Authorization

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This article may be of interest to those who currently hold a residence permit that does not entitle them to work and want to apply for a residence and work permit. First of all, it should be noted that not all modifications are governed by the same rules. For more information on this subject, it is advisable to consult articles 199 and following of the Reglamento de Extranjería. Below we will explain the most important elements for modifying a permit that does not allow you to work to a permit that does allow you to work.

Requirements for changing the non-profit authorisation to a work authorisation

According to Article 200 of the Reglamento de Extranjería, as a general rule, in order to change from residence to residence and work status, it is necessary to have previously resided in Spain for at least one year. An exception to this general rule will only be made if the applicant proves that he/she needs to work due to unforeseen circumstances in order to guarantee his/her subsistence.


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