Arraigo Application: No Work Contract Needed!

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One of the most common ways to regularise foreigners who are in Spain illegally is the arraigo social permit. To qualify for this interesting permit, the person concerned must prove that he or she has sufficient financial means to support himself or herself. In our experience, this is usually demonstrated, in the vast majority of cases, by providing an employment contract signed by the employer and the interested party. But are there also other ways of proving sufficient financial means?

In this article we will try to answer this question.

What other ways are there to prove financial sufficency?

We would like to highlight two alternatives:

  • Self-employed activity: Pursuant to Article 124.2 Reglamento de Extranjería, it may be claimed that the economic means derive from an activity carried out on a self-employed basis. In this case, all the requirements associated with self-employed worker authorization must be met, including the need to possess the legally required professional qualification or prove that you have sufficient capital to launch the project.
  • Sufficient financial means: In accordance with the same regulatory precept, there is also the possibility of demonstrating economic sufficiency through one’s own economic means. In this case, the amount to be accredited is equivalent to 100% of the amount of the guaranteed income of the Minimum Vital Income on an annual basis.


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