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1. Introduction

A key element for the Digital Nomad Visa application is the contract with the foreign company. This document, which is mandatory, must meet a series of requirements in order to obtain the desired result.

In this article we will explain which clauses should be included in the document, if a sworn translation is required and if it is necessary to apostille/legalize it.

Contract Digital Nomad Visa

2. What clauses should be included in the contract?

Regardless of whether it is a commercial contract or an employment contract, it is advisable to include the following information:

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3. Is it necessary to have a sworn translation of the contract?

While initially a simple translation of the contract was sufficient, it is now necessary to provide a sworn translation of this document. We can only speculate as to the reasons for this change in criteria, but we suspect that it may be related to the generally poor quality of simple translations.

Since sworn translations can be expensive, it would be desirable that the contract not be too long, but we understand that this does not depend exclusively on the will of the digital nomad.

Sworn Translations: Formal requirements

4. Is it necessary to legalize or apostille the contract?

No. The purpose of these mechanisms is to certify the authenticity of the signature of public documents. Since the contract is not a public document, it is not necessary to apostille or legalize it.

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