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1. Introduction

Checking the formal requirements of sworn translations is part of the day-to-day work of an immigration specialist. Although, in the vast majority of cases, sworn translators do an impeccable job in providing the documents with all the elements required by the applicable regulations, we must be aware that lawyers specialized in immigration law must act as guarantors of last resort.

The purpose of this article is to equip our followers with the necessary tools to be able to assess on their own whether a sworn translation has been properly carried out, at least in terms of its formal requirements.

Sworn Translations: Formal requirements
Sworn Translator Search

2. Find a sworn translator.

First of all, we must make sure that the sworn translator is included in the official list of Sworn Translators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through the following link you can access the corresponding search tool:


Access the search tool


Not all documents submitted to a file need to be accompanied by a sworn translation. However, if this is the case, it is important to make sure that you contact a professional who performs this type of translation.


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3. Review of the sworn translator's seal.

The sworn translation must bear the sworn translator’s personalized seal. It must contain certain information in order to be valid, namely:

The Royal Decree that regulates the formal aspects of this seal illustrates graphically the form it should take.

Sworn Translator Seal

4. Sworn Translator Certification

In addition to the seal, it is important that the translation is certified by the sworn translator. As with the seal, the content of the certification must conform to the models indicated in the Regulations of the Office of Interpretation of Languages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. Does the original document from which the translation is made have to be stamped?

Yes, it is very important to emphasize that in order to verify the authenticity of the original from which the translation has been made, a copy of the original, stamped and dated on all its pages, must be attached.

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