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1. What is the NIE number?

The NIE is the identity number assigned for tax purposes (but not exclusively) to foreign citizens. This concept is often confused with the TIE, which is the identity card for foreign citizens who are not from an EU member country.

The assignment of a NIE can be an essential requirement to have access to many procedures in Spain. What are those procedures that require a NIE? Is it possible to apply for it without having legal residence in Spain? What is the application procedure?

We will answer all these questions in this article.

Difference between NIE, TIE and CUE.

2. Procedures that require a NIE

As mentioned above, there are some procedures that can only be carried out if the person concerned has a NIE. Here are some examples:

As can be seen, there are several procedures that require a NIE, so it is convenient for any foreign citizen in Spain to have this number assigned as soon as possible.

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3. How to apply for the NIE?

Step 1: Make an appointment

At the corresponding Spanish Consulate or police station.

Step 2: Collect the documents

You will find the required documents below.

Step 3: Pay the administrative fee

Don't forget to pay the administrative fee.

Step 4: Go to the competent authority.

On the day of the appointment submit the documents.

4. Documentation required to apply for a NIE in Spain.

5. Common problems

One of the most problematic aspects of completing this procedure is obtaining the corresponding appointment. Due to the shortage of appointments this, in practice, is often quite difficult. We offer our assistance in this difficult task.

Another difficulty lies in properly accrediting the cause that justifies the assignment of the NIE. Some authorities are more demanding than others in this respect and it is important to know the specific requirements of each one.

It is advisable to seek the support of an immigration expert to ensure the correct assignment of the NIE.

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