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1. What is the Spanish Employee Visa?

This is the “standard” permit for those who want to work in Spain as employees. Unlike the Authorization for Skilled Workers which is aimed at a smaller group, the Employee Permit is suitable for almost all job offers, as long as they meet certain minimum requirements.

The initial authorization for employee authorization must be requested by the employing company.

In relation to this leave it is extremely important to take into consideration the so-called National Employment Situationas this can sometimes be a barrier to recruitment. That is why we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of immigration experts.

2. What makes it different from the Skilled Worker Permit?

The difference between the two residence permits lies in the fact that the permit for highly qualified professionals has considerably stricter requirements in terms of salary and academic or professional training. Therefore, the permit for residence and work as an employee allows many more job offers than the permit for highly qualified professionals.

The disadvantage of the residence and employment authorization is that as a general rule, the so-called National Employment Situation will be reviewed. This is not the case when hiring a Highly Qualified Professional.

Do you want to know what the National Employment Situation consists of? Do not miss the article on the left.

3. What are the requirements to apply for the Spanish Employee Visa?

Please note: First of all we would like to point out that this permit is not intended for EU citizens. They have another mechanism at their disposal – the EU citizen registration certificate. 

Highly Qualified Worker Visa Spain

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4. Documentation required to apply for the Spanish Employee Visa

Please note: As a general rule the documentation provided should be recent. This means that it should not be more than 3 months old since the document was issued. It is also important to have in mind the formal requirements detailed below.

Employee-related documents

Employer-related documents

5. How to apply for the Spanish Employee Visa?

Please note: If the employee does not have a residence or stay permit in Spain at the time of application, the employee must necessarily go through the Spanish Consulate in his or her area.

Once the favorable resolution is issued, the employee must apply for the corresponding visa at the Spanish Consulate of his/her demarcation within a period of 1 month.

6. Things to do when the employee arrives in Spain

Once the foreign employee arrives in Spain, two things must be done to complete the immigration procedures: first, the employee must register in a dwelling (“empadronamiento“) in Spain and secondly apply for a residence card (TIE). For more information on these procedures visit the following articles:

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