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1. What is the Spanish Job Search Visa?

The permit for job search, also commonly known as Job Search Visa, is a residence permit available to those who have completed a Level 6 training according to the European Qualifications Framework.

Holders of this authorization may stay in Spain for a maximum non-extendable period of twenty-four months in order to look for a suitable job in relation to the level of studies completed or to undertake a business project.

It is important to note that this permit does not entitle its holder to work.

2. What are the requirements to apply for the Job Search Visa in Spain?

To apply for the Spanish job search visa, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

3. Documents required to apply for the Spanish Job Search Visa

By means of the documents we must demonstrate that we comply with all the requirements mentioned above. For this purpose, the Immigration Offices have crystallized certain guidelines. and it is important to know them. Let’s see what documents are requested:

3.1. Documents that all applicants must provide

Required Document Notes
Complete Passport
Must be valid. All pages.
Higher education degree.
Level 6 or higher according to the European Qualifications Framework
Proof of Financial Means
A responsible declaration is sufficient.
Private Medical Insurance
No waiting periods; no co-payments.
Proof of Payment of Admin. Fee
We can pay for it on your behalf

3.2. If the student visa to be modified had a duration of less than 6 months, you must also provide the following documents:

Required Document Notes
Criminal Background Certificate
Of the countries in which you have resided in the last 5 years
Medical Certificate
It can be requested in Spain, in which case no translation or apostille is required.

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3.3. With regard to the diploma accrediting the completion of training at level 6 or higher according to the European Qualifications Framework

One of the emblematic requirements of this residence authorization is that it requires, for its successful processing, the provision of a degree at level 6 or higher according to the European Qualifications Framework. This, as a general rule, means that at least a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) must be provided. In the absence of a diploma, a certificate of completion of studies may also be provided.

3.4. Documentation proving financial means.

The financial means to be accredited depend on whether you are traveling alone or accompanied by family members:

Student alone +1 Family Member +2 Family Members For each additional family member thereafter
Required Financial Means
100% IPREM / month (600 € in 2023)
175% IPREM / month (1050 € in 2023)
225% IPREM / month (1350 € in 2023)
For each additional family member +50 % IPREM (300 €) / month

As a peculiarity of the permit for the search of employment we want to emphasize that in this case it will not be necessary to document the existence of the economic means at one’s disposal. It will be enough the contribution of a responsible declaration detailing the economic means available.

3.5. Medical insurance

Medical insurance must cover the entire stay in Spain and it is advisable to also provide proof of payment of such insurance. Elements to take into account:

We can help you obtain the right insurance to successfully apply for your study permit!

3.6. Criminal background certificate

In case the criminal record certificate was not provided in the initial authorization of the student visa or in one of its extensions, it will be necessary to provide the criminal record certificates of the countries in which the applicant has resided during the last 5 years.

We recommend that you always provide a criminal record certificate that includes the criminal record at the national level – i.e., not at the regional level.

For example: In the United States there are criminal record certificates issued by the different States. The Spanish Public Administration, however, usually requires the provision of a criminal record certificate issued by the FBI (federal authority).

The document must be legalized or apostilled, if applicable, translated by a duly authorized sworn translator and not older than 3 months from its issuance at the time of filing.

3.7. Medical certificate

The medical certificate will only be required if it was not provided when applying for the initial student visa or one of its extensions. Its purpose is to certify the absence of diseases that may pose a danger to public health in accordance with the International Health Regulations 2005. Generally it can be issued by any duly licensed medical practitioner and the format is always quite similar. If the document is not issued in Spanish, it must be translated by a sworn translator and if it is not requested in Spain, it will need to be legalized or apostilled.

Please note: Some consulates offer a list of recognized doctors and will only accept analysis from certain doctors or laboratories.

4. How to apply for the Spanish Job Search Visa?

The residence permit for the purpose of seeking employment shall be applied for exclusively electronically and the application must be addressed to the Immigration Office of the province in which the applicant will reside.

The term of presentation begins 60 days prior to the expiration of the authorization of stay for studies, although it is also possible to apply for the authorization within 90 days thereafter, without prejudice to the initiation of the corresponding sanctioning procedure.

Finally, the deadline for issuing a decision is 20 days. Once this period has elapsed without the Aliens Office having issued a decision, the application will be deemed to have been granted by positive administrative silence.

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5. Is it possible to extend the Spanish Job Search Visa to family members?

Yes, according to the Entrepreneurs Law it is possible to extend the permit to those family members who have already accompanied the applicant during his stay for studies.

6. Post-approval procedures: What to do when I am approved for the Job Search Visa in Spain?

Once the corresponding favorable resolution has been obtained, it will be necessary for the interested party to apply, within a period of one month from the notification of the resolution, for a residence card (TIE). The steps to apply for the TIE are as follows:

1. Make an appointment

You must first request an appointment for the fingerprinting*. Due to its scarcity it can be a difficult task. Be patient. We will be at your disposal if you need help.

2. Collect the documents

In order to apply for a residence card (TIE) it is important that you prepare the necessary documentation. More information below.

3. The fingerprinting appointment

On the day of the appointment you must present the corresponding documentation and your fingerprints will be taken.

4. Pick up your residence card (TIE)

After 30 to 40 days after the fingerprinting you will be able to pick up the residence card. For this you will again need an appointment.

*You can get your appointments HERE.

Documents you need to apply for the residence card (TIE):

7. Is it possible to work in Spain as a holder of a Job Search Visa?

It is not possible for holders of Job Search Visa to carry out an economic activity. In fact, this permit belongs to the category of non-lucrative residence permits.

Therefore, in the event that the holder of this permit wishes to carry out a lucrative activity, he/she must first request a modification to another type of permit that allows him/her to carry out work or professional activities.

8. When is it possible to modify the Spanish Job Search Visa?

As stated in the Entrepreneurs Law, the permit for seeking employment may be modified at any time during its term.

It is important to note that the employment must be related to the completed training.