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What kind of Arraigo Permits exist?

In the category of permits granted for “arraigo” (integration) we can find 4 different types of permits:

  • Arraigo Social: This permit allows undocumented immigrants to regularize their status. To qualify, individuals must prove three years of continuous residency, have a work contract, and show integration into Spanish society through community ties and language skills. This process is vital for fostering social cohesion, enabling immigrants to legally contribute to the economy and society. Arraigo social helps immigrants secure legal status, enhancing their quality of life and promoting a more integrated and diverse community.
  • Arraigo para la Formación: Applicants must prove at least two years of continuous residency in Spain and enroll in a recognized educational or training program. This pathway emphasizes the importance of personal development and skill acquisition, facilitating better job opportunities and integration into Spanish society. By investing in education, Spain aims to create a more skilled and adaptable workforce.
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  • Arraigo Familiar: This authorization enables foreign citizens to obtain legal status through family ties with Spanish citizens or legal residents. Unlike other forms of arraigo, continuous residency is not required. Applicants must demonstrate direct family connections with a Spanish citizen. This permit is valid for up to 5 years and entitles the holder to work both as an employee and as a self-employed person.
  • Arraigo Laboral: Applicants must demonstrate at least two years of continuous residency in Spain and prove they have worked for a minimum of six months. This pathway emphasizes the value of labor and the contributions of immigrants to the Spanish economy. By providing a legal route based on employment, Spain encourages integration and recognizes the efforts of those who have been contributing to the workforce.

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We Make Sure The Documents Meet All Requirements

This is the essential step to ensure a successful application process. At Nodisea we have extensive experience on the formal and content requirements of the documents.

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We File The Application On Your Behalf

If you apply from Spain we can do the whole application process on your behalf without you having to lift a finger. Also, in many cases it has some additional benefits like more transparent criterias or longer duration for your residency permits.

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We Won't Stop Until You Have Your Residence Card (TIE)

The immigration process does not end until you have your Residence Card (TIE). Our services include support with the census registration process and the residence card application.

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It is a split payment method

An advantage of this payment method is that the entire fee does not have to be paid in a single payment. It is an instalment payment method, which is preferred by many of our clients. Since the implementation of this payment method, it has gained great popularity due to the guarantee it provides to our clients.

Reduced risk by transferring much of it to Nodisea

The Pay for Success payment method has been designed so that our customers do not have to bear the full risk of the process. We want to share this burden with you and therefore only 40% of the fees will be paid upfront. In addition, the second instalment will only be due if we obtain a favourable resolution in the process.