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Our mission is to remove all barriers that prevent you from enjoying the treasures that Spain has to offer.

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About Nodisea: Experienced Immigration Lawyers

Yes, we know - paperwork in Spain is no fun.

Be it the almost impossible task of getting an appointment with the Spanish authorities or understanding the enigmatic documentary requirements for a certain procedure, Spain does not make it easy for immigrants. Since we want you to be here with us, we want to remove the obstacles that hinder your entry. How can we help?

We will accompany you through all the steps. Our professionals will guide you by the hand until you finally achieve the expected outcome.

We make the process look easy. We want your first impression of this incredible country not to be tainted by a bad experience in your administrative procedures.

These are the values we set in stone when Nodisea was born

Responsiveness: Our clients need to know the status of their file at all times and we respond to their queries as quickly as possible.

Transparency: We will be honest about the feasibility of the cases. If from our point of view the chances of success are low, we will let you know.

Up-to-date knowledge: The immigration regulations are constantly changing. Our professionals keep themselves updated to guarantee a quality service.

Diligence: Each of your files will be studied carefully. We want to obtain the best results for you so that your project in Spain starts with success.

About Nodisea: Experienced Immigration Lawyers

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Francisco J. Theuer Carmona



Marouane El Omari El Hajbi CO-FOUNDER /CFO

Marouane El Omari El Hajbi


Dahianna Pineda Marroquín CO-FOUNDER / CMO

Dahianna Pineda Marroquín